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In today’s highly competitive market, brands’ desires to stay ahead of the competition have introduced the need to explore new options of doing things differently, and these desires have also led to improved innovations.

The programming language, Python, with its multiple libraries, packages, modules, and frameworks, has witnessed increasing applications even as brands seek out new ways to do things like web scraping.

Python has won the right to be called the best language for web scraping, with many developers building better web crawling scripts with it.

But, why exactly is this so? Why is Python web scraping becoming such…

If there is one programming language that can be used for virtually anything, it would be Python. This popular open-source language can be applied to Artificial Intelligence and video game development to web development and web scraping.

Python web scraping is one common application of Python used in extracting useful data from various websites and platforms.

Such an application for Python is not just possible but also easy because the language is high-level with a general-purpose, can be easily interpreted, and is easily readable with straightforward syntax.

What is Python?

Python is defined as an open-source, highly interactive, interpreted, high-level, and object-oriented programming…

IP (Internet Protocol) is a critical part of digitalization. Although it offers many advantages, it is not without downsides.

There is every chance that there has not been yet an invention so essential yet so dangerous. We get to access the web information only through the IP address, but we can also suffer the worst attacks through our IPs.

And that is not all, and we can also suffer certain types of blockings and restrictions due to our IP addresses.

So, if you run a business and want to avoid some of the problems that many people encounter on the…

Your IP (Internet Protocol) address is a collection of digits assigned to any device with which you access the web. Each IP address is unique and can be used to identify your device on the internet. Also, it represents your digital footprint and could be used to monitor, trace, and track you.

Also, depending on your geo-location, the information provided by your IP address could be used to restrict you from accessing certain servers and platforms.

For these purposes, and depending on what you do on the internet, you may need to hide your IP address as an e-commerce business.

What is an IP address?

Running an e-commerce business can be quite challenging. But running a slow e-commerce business can be even more frustrating.

E-commerce brands, essentially, rely on the web for a lot of things. For instance, they need the internet to monitor and keep track of their intellectual assets, they need the internet to monitor the competition, the customers, and prices to be able to make some informed business decisions, and they also need the internet to be able to monitor reviews and create a better brand.

And because of all these needs, they neither can afford to be denied access to important…

For e-commerce businesses, the internet is a world of opportunities and much more. It does bring not only selling opportunities but also business problems.

Some of the problems that exist on the web include insecurity due to hackers trying to intercept communications, server crashes due to excess traffic and blocked internet protocol (IP) addresses due to web scraping.

These are common problems that businesses experience every day and hence require a solution. One such solution is by using proxies such as SOCKS5 proxy for all activities on the web.

What is a proxy?

A proxy, by definition, is a gateway or intermediary between a…

One of the most important aspects of any online business is review monitoring. Knowing what the customers are saying is usually the bedrock of many critical business moves, such as understanding customer experience, product development, and sales and marketing.

To ignore review monitoring is to ignore the many benefits that the internet is offering your e-commerce business. Of course, review monitoring can be quite challenging because gathering vast amounts of data required for such monitoring is hard. This is where web scraping comes in.

What is review monitoring?

Review monitoring is a technique used for monitoring and collecting public online conversations and comments about…

In today’s online business world, there are two things most customers do before making a purchasing decision on an e-commerce website; compare prices and check for online reviews.

Online reviews posted by other customers may not seem like such a big deal but put so many bad reviews about one brand together and watch that business crumble faster than we could have wished for.

In the same vein, positive reviews do not only guarantee more sales and revenue but also helps to build a reliable and strong brand.

Both types of reviews are usually posted on popular platforms such as…

E-commerce is a fast-growing industry projected to hit $5 trillion by 2022. And with every brand trying to make massive retail e-commerce sales, there is more need to pay attention to what is most important and ignore whatever will not benefit your brand.

Regardless of what product or service you sell or what industry you fall under, one of the things that will benefit your e-commerce business the most in today’s market, is price monitoring.

What is price monitoring?

We can define price monitoring as the process of gathering and analyzing both internal and external variables to optimize your products’ prices properly.

The internal…

More than half the number of humans on earth are on the internet. This makes the internet the largest market on earth. This is why, today, most businesses want to sell online through what is generally referred to as e-commerce.

This is both a good and bad thing. A good thing because the market is large enough to accommodate all businesses but also bad because it means the struggle to stay in front of the largest audience or at the top has never been this crucial. With more competition comes the need to stay ahead. …


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