How Proxies Can Be Beneficial for Company Brand Protection

The worth of intellectual properties in the U.S. alone is estimated to be greater than any other country’s GDP. This makes intangible brand assets one of the most valuable possessions of any business and the economy in general.

Yet, not all brands are seen making the security of these properties a priority. Consequently, more and more of these assets get stolen every year. These thefts are so high that about $600 billion annually.

Businesses are, therefore, implored to take their brand protection more seriously. But even that still has its challenges as the task does not only seem mundane but can be overwhelming most of the time.

Proxies have been reported to take most of the work out of a good brand protection strategy making the entire process less daunting, and we are about to see just how.

What is brand protection?

Brand protection is a security measure used by brands to protect, secure, and safeguard their intangibles from outsiders. These outsiders include counterfeiters, copyright infringers, patent thieves, trademark pirates, and sometimes the brand’s competitors.

The thing to note here is that these people are usually up to no good most of the time. While some will use the stolen rights to manufacture and market and services, others will use the stolen information to impersonate the authentic brand on the internet and on different .

And the result is never good for the affected brand, from loss of customers’ trust to drop in revenue and sales and even a damaged reputation and business name.

It is, therefore, not surprising why more brands are now taking the protection of their assets more seriously, as it is the only way to avoid any of the above.

How brand protection works?

The process of brand protection is quite simple:

  • Continually monitoring brand assets online.
  • Finding or detecting any brand abuse.
  • Validating that the abuse is a brand infringement.
  • Taking decisive steps to enforce legal actions such as removing a counterfeit product from the marketplace, removing a rogue website, or taking down an impersonation account.
  • Reporting the infringement to the affected company and keeping records of everything.

Challenges of online brand protection

The process described just above can only be achieved through rigorous web scraping. Gathering information from multiple websites at the same time can be terrifying for those who do not know how to go about it. Below are some of the challenges you could face when trying to protect your brand:

  • Adaptability and scalability

Mining the information required for protecting your business could sometimes mean more than just checking a few websites daily. It could mean crawling multiple websites in multiple locations and various formats.

This is because infringers are always coming up with new ways to beat whatever you throw at them. For brand protection to be adequate, it needs to adapt and scale up to whatever new tricks or problems the infringers pose.

  • A large amount of data

Again, protecting your company could span beyond checking a few websites and picking a few data here and there. It could mean harvesting and dealing with an enormous amount of data.

Gathering, storing, and analysing a large influx of data consistently can prove challenging to many businesses.

  • Differences in geo-locations

Counterfeiting and infringement are worldwide with these internet “never-do-wells” are trying to steal your brand assets from different parts of the world all at once. And to protect yourself, you would need to curate data from multiple websites wherever they may be located.

This can prove very tough because of differences in location. Some websites will not allow you access information on them if you stay in a specific location, especially a forbidden geo-location.

Proxies as solutions to challenges of online brand protection

Proxies are tools that help to serve as protection during web scraping. Generally, they act as intermediaries between your device and the target websites. By concealing your original address and standing in the middle, proxies help achieve the following:

  • Make you look like an average and different internet user, even on multiple visits to a website.
  • Eliminates internet protocol and proxy blocking by rotating your query to different proxy addresses every time.
  • Prevent geo-location blocking by using its location.

Best proxies for brand protection

As you may know, there are various types of proxies. Now that we know what proxies are and how they help, let us see some of the best proxies to use for web scraping:

Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies from reputable proxy service providers are fast, have high uptime, and guarantee 100% anonymity. They also enable companies to access restricted geo-locations, meaning that brand protection can be done on a large scale. If you want to learn more about datacenter proxies for brand protection, click for more information.


Brand protection is a serious business and must be treated as such. That does not mean it would be an easy task, and you may face particular challenges while at it.

However, using a reliable proxy solution can help overcome these challenges and get the job of protecting your brand done with less stress and more finesse.



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